April 24, 2011

Spring Banquet Video

Arlene Rusché, Cardinal fan and Amy Tucker Fan Club founding member, brought her video camera to the Spring Banquet.

The banquet was sold out, with more than 300 attendees filling the Stanford Faculty Club dining room. Arlene was seated at a table near the rear of the room and was able to record only a bit of the ceremony that honored the team and staff.

But she did capture some of the pre-dinner social, one of the two dozen dining tables, and the post-dinner schmoozing. Click here to enjoy the action.

April 21, 2011

A very early look at the preseason top 25

Charlie Creme (ESPN) takes a very early look at next season's possible top 25.

He places Stanford at #5 with this evaluation: "The brilliant careers of Kayla Pedersen and Jeanette Pohlen are over, but the Ogwumike sisters are back and Toni Kokenis should be an able full-time replacement at the point. Pedersen was such the perfect player for the triangle offense with her diverse game and rock-steady presence that it will be interesting to see how the Cardinal function without her. The look that Stanford showed in the national semifinals against Texas A&M -- burying the ball inside -- will likely be what 2011-12 brings more regularly. Incoming freshman Amber Orrange should give Tara VanDerveer a different look at the point."

He places USC at #24 and predicts, "This should be a season in which the Trojans close the gap between themselves and Stanford just a bit."

He also thinks that there is enough talent in Westwood to make UCLA worth watching.


April 16, 2011

2011-12 Conference Schedule

Last year, the Pac-12 announced the model for the conference basketball schedule — a round-robin schedule of 18 games.

The annual schedule will include both home and away games against each team's traditional rival (e.g., Stanford/Cal, USC/UCLA, etc.) In addition, each team will play six other opponents both home and away for two consecutive years. Each team will play the remaining four opponents just once — two at home and two away. The single-play opponents will rotate every two years.

The announcement included the 2011-2012 schedule. The dates may be adjusted for television, and game times will be announced later.

As for the non-conference schedule, all that we know (probably) is that the Tennessee and UConn home and away series will continue (with the Tennessee game at home and the UConn game away) and the Texas and Xavier home and away games will be completed (both games away).

So here is next season's schedule, with what we know so far. We'll update it as more information becomes available. Remember that the schedule hasn't been finalized until September for the past two seasons.

April 13, 2011

The other season

Seven months with no official Cardinal basketball. Sigh-h-h-h.

But the FBC website will, as always, be active reporting all the Stanford Women's Basketball news we can find. Watch for this information:

2011 Pan American Games
Will Nneka, Sarah, Joslyn, Mikaela, Chiney or Toni play for USA Basketball in the PanAm Games to be held in Guadalajara October 13-30? The USA trials have not been announced yet.
2011 World University Games
Will Nneka, Sarah, Joslyn, Mikaela, Chiney or Toni play for USA Basketball in the World University Games to be held in China August 12-23? USA trials will be held May 21-25.
2011 FIBA U19 World Championship For Women
Will Chiney or Toni play for USA Basketball in the U19 World Championship to be held in Chile July 21-31? USA trials will be held May 22-25.
Cardinal in the WNBA
How will Jeanette and Kayla do in their rookie seasons?

Has Candice completely recovered from her torn Achilles tendon? Will she be her blazing self again?

Will we see the "real Jayne" again — finally playing pain-free?

Summer basketball at Kezar, June - August
Who will participate? Will Sarah, Mikaela, Chiney, Sara and Toni play again this summer? Will we get an early look at any or all of our incoming freshmen: Jasmine, Alex, Taylor, Amber, Erica and Bonnie?
Pac-12 News
Bob Kinder's reports of what to expect in the Pac-12 next season.
The 2011-12 Schedule
The conference schedule this in a few days! The full schedule probably not until late in the summer.
National Awards
Will the Super Siblings be on any preseason watch list or selected as preseason All-Americans?
Preseason predictions and prospects.
Remember that something you won't find on the website this summer is news of high school players who have verbally committed to Stanford or of other prospective recruits. While John and Sue Soo would like nothing better than to share news and speculations of who will be Stanford freshmen in 2012, the NCAA prohibits us from writing about a recruit until she has signed a letter of intent. The early signing period this year is November 9-16

April 11, 2011

Bobbie moves on

The trouble with having a great assistant coach is that she moves on to become a great head coach.

Congratulations on your new job at the University of Wisconsin Bobbie!

Thanks for all that you've done to help build great Cardinal teams in your four years at Stanford — you had a lot to do with four near-perfect seasons, four Pac-10 championships, four trips to the Final Four.

We'll miss your spirited chalk talks to the Fast Break Club, your wicked sense of humor, your enthusiastic voice from the bench.

Watch the University of Wisconsin introductory press conference for Bobbie.

April 07, 2011

In the record book, 2010-11

Eleven Stanford Women's Basketball records were broken or tied this season – four by Kayla, three by Jeanette and four by the team.

In addition, three Pac-10 records were broken – one by Kayla and two by the team.

Kayla had 1,266 rebounds in her career, which breaks the Stanford record and the Pac-10 record of 1,263 set by Jayne Appel (2006-10).

She played 4,762 minutes in her career, which breaks the record of 4,148 set by Virginia Sourlis (1982-86) by a whopping 614 minutes – the equivalent of more than 15 games!

She played 150 games in her career, which breaks the record of 148 set by Rosalyn Gold-Onwude (2005-10).

She started all of the 150 games, which breaks the unofficial record of 125 set by Candice Wiggins (2004-08).

She scored 1,941 points in her career, which places her at #7 in the Stanford 1000-point club.

Kayla also holds the record for minutes played in a season – 1,274 in 2009-10.

Jeanette made 96 3-pointers this season, which breaks the record of 91 set by Krista Rappahahn in 2005-2006. She is second only to Candice Wiggins in career 3-pointers attempted (711 to Candice's 754), career 3-pointers made (268 to Candice's 295), and single-season 3-pointers attempted (230 to Candice's 253).

She played 4355 minutes in her career, which breaks the record of 4,148 set by Virginia Sourlis (1982-86) and places her second to Kayla.

She played 150 games in her career, which breaks the record of 148 set by Rosalyn Gold-Onwude (2005-10). She and Kayla share the new record.

She scored 1,453 points in her career, which places her at #17 in the Stanford 1000-point club.

Jeanette made 89.3% of her free throws this season, which places her at #2 behind Louise Smith's 89.5% set in 1979-80. She would have broken the record with just one more successful free throw.

Nneka did not break any records this season, but she still holds these records:

  • Career field goal percentage – 60.1%
  • Rebounds in a season — 376 in 2009-10. This is both the Stanford record and the Pac-10 record.
  • Free throws attempted in a season – 226 in 2009-10.
  • Rebounds in a single game – 23 at Oregon on Jan 23, 2010.
She has scored 1,682 points in her career so far, which places her at #8 in the Stanford 1000-point club.

She has 858 rebounds in her career so far, which places her at #6, 408 behind Kayla's record of 1,266.

The team allowed its opponents a record low field-goal percentage of .336, which breaks the Stanford and Pac-10 record of .339 set in 2009-10.

It won 27 consecutive games this season, which ties the Stanford and Pac-10 record set in 2009-10.

It has won 49 consecutive conference games, (Jan 22, 2009 to the present), which breaks the record of 48 (Feb 9, 1995 to Jan 9, 1998).

The team has won 63 games at Maples (Nov 28, 2007 to the present), which sets a new record. The class of 2011 is the first to have never lost a home game.

April 06, 2011

Third Coach of the Year Award for Tara

Tara earned her third national coach of the year honor Wednesday, as the Atlanta Tip-Off Club named her the 2011 Naismith Women's College Coach of the Year.

She has already been named Coach of the Year this season by the Associated Press and by the Women's Basketball Coaching Association. Read more...

April 04, 2011

Tara elected to Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced today that Tara is one of the ten members of the Class of 2011 who will be enshrined during a week of events culminating on Friday, August 12 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

This announcement from Stanford Athletics details the many accomplishments that earned Tara this honor.

Tara said the Naismith enshrinement is "the ultimate compliment to a coach or a basketball player, and I'm humbled and honored. I should be really excited and I am, but I wish it hadn't come on this day."

Here is commentary from several Bay Area sports journalists:

April 03, 2011

Disappointment in the Heartland

Texas A&M ended Stanford's season tonight, a result deeply disappointing to their fans, the team, and especially to the departing seniors who came to the Final Four four times, only to be turned away each time.

It's hard to accept that "It's not fair" doesn't count. The only thing that counts is who plays the better game and tonight that was the Aggies — never letting up on their tenacious defense, a bit more focussed, a bit more determined.

No, other things do count, and there were several fine performances from the Cardinal tonight. They don't make the loss any easier to accept, but I hope that Nneka, Mel, Mikaela, Kayla and Jeanette will take pride in how they played.

The Aggies had no answer for Nneka's strength and skill in the paint. Even without Chiney to back her up most of the time, she made 68% of her field goal attempts and scored 31 points — exactly half of Stanford's total.

Mel ended her career in a blaze of glory. She came off the bench and played a season-high 27 minutes. She finished with eight points, four assists and three steals.

Mikaela played 20 minutes of top-notch basketball, getting rebounds, taking care of the ball against the Aggies' tenacious defense, and scoring four points.

Kayla kept us in the game with ten rebounds and set a new Stanford and Pac-10 career rebounding record, exceeding Jayne's previous record by three.

Jeanette was the only Cardinal besides Nneka who scored in double figures. She made three of her four attempted 3-pointers.

There was another thing this evening to warm the hearts of saddened Stanford fans. Notre Dame soundly defeated Connecticut, ending Maya Moore's career a game early. Many red-shirted fans remained for the second game and shared in the unbridled glee of the celebrating green-clad Notre Dame fans.

Here are game reports:

The box score and play-by-play

A gallery of photos by Don Feria, Stanford Photo

The press conference video with Tara, Kayla, Mel and Nneka

Before the Semifinals

There's lots to read this morning:

April 02, 2011

Super Saturday Press Reports, Photos, Videos

Photos from Stanford's open practice session:

April 01, 2011

In Indianapolis

The team arrived in Indianapolis yesterday. Here they are at the Conseco Fieldhouse with their fearless leader Tara 'Speed' Vanderveer.

Video NCAA Tournament- Episode 3 records a variety of their experiences on travel day.

Here are today's stories:

Tomorrow is Super Saturday in Indianapolis: Open Practice, the Battle of the Bands and the WBCA High School All-American game with Amber Orrange and Taylor Greenfield.