August 26, 2012

USA Women win first 3x3 world championship

Chiney, Skylar, Bria and Ann took home the gold from Athens today by defeating Australia 19-18 in the semifinals, then coming back from a 5-point deficit to defeat France 17-16 in the championship game.

This is Chiney's third gold medal and the most precious one because, "We worked the hardest for it. Just four people trying to win a gold together, it was just amazing."

Here is the full report of today's activities from USA Basketball.

Photos from FIBA of the champions:

and of Chiney in action during the gold medal game:

August 25, 2012

USA women going for the Gold

Chiney, Skylar, Bria and Ann have advanced to the semifinal round of the FIBA 3x3 world Championship by defeating Estonia 21-11 in the eight final round and Hungary 21-8 in the quarterfinals today.

They are scheduled to play Australia (also undefeated at 7-0) at 10:00am PDT on Court 1 tomorrow. The other semifinal will be between Ukraine and France at the same time on Court 2. The bronze medal game is at 12:00pm PDT on Court 2, and the gold medal game is at 12:30pm PDT on Court 1.

The USA Women's semifinal game and the gold medal game are scheduled to be streamed live online. The other two games tomorrow are not.

Here's the full report of today's action from USA Basketball.

Corrected times for Saturday's 3x3 games

The game times I posted yesterday were wrong. The correct times (Pacific Time) for the USA Women's games today (Saturday) are:

  • 9:40am - final preliminary round game against Netherland
  • 11:00am - Eight Final game
  • 12:40pm & 1:00pm - Quarterfinal games that will be streamed live online. Don't know yet if USA will be playing in one of these.

You can find the complete schedule here. (Be sure to click the "Women" tab.) Note that multiple games are played simultaneously on several courts. Only the games on Court 1 are televised.

The USA women are currently first (4-0) in Group D.

August 24, 2012

USA keeps on winning at 3x3

Chiney, Skylar, Bria and Ann won two more preliminary round games today at the FIBA 3x3 World Championship — 21-14 over Bulgaria and 21-12 over Argentina.

Each has her individual strengths, and they are obviously clicking as a team. In her Q&A today, Bria said, "... just keep getting it inside because I think Chiney is our best weapon, she’s a beast inside and those are easy points."

Tomorrow (Saturday) is another busy day. They'll play their final preliminary round game (against Netherlands at 5:40 am Pacific Time), an Eight Final game at 7:00 am and most likely a Quarterfinal game at either 9:00am or 9:20 am. Two of the four Quarterfinal games will be streamed live online. The USA women's other two games will not be.

Here's the full report of today's action from USA Basketball.

August 23, 2012

Two wins for Chiney & Co. on first day of 3x3

Chiney, Skylar, Bria and Ann opened competition with a pair of wins today at the inaugural FIBA 3x3 World Championship in Athens, Greece. They defeated Germany 22-9 and Angola 21-4.

They continue preliminary round play tomorrow with games against Bulgaria at 8:00am Pacific Time and Argentina at 10:30am. The latter game will be streamed live online on EPT WebSport 1

Read more, including a Q&A with Chiney, in the report from USA Basketball.

August 21, 2012

All set for FIBA 3x3 World Championship

Chiney and her team mates – Skylar Diggins, Ann Strother and Bria Hartley – are in Athens, all set for the inaugural FIBA 3x3 World Championship that will begin on Thursday. Read more...

August 04, 2012

Sara takes on a new role

By FBC reporter Judy Richter

Sara James of the Stanford women’s basketball team is known as a student-athlete, but now she can add something else to that designation – researcher.

Fulfilling one of her requirements as a human biology major, the junior guard is spending her summer on an HB-REX (Human Biology Research Exploration program) research project that studies hip joint injuries in college athletes in all sports. She expects to continue working on it during the coming academic year.

The project had its inception in a Stanford doctor’s observation that athletes were suffering more hip injuries than in the past and that these injuries were often diagnosed as hip flexor strains.

Her job has entailed “a lot of tedious steps in the beginning,” Sara said during a recent interview at Jimmy V’s sports cafĂ©.

Right now she’s collecting data on the injuries from both the Stanford and the NCAA data bases. Then she’ll compare the two. She’ll look for differences between sports, divisions, genders, practice vs. competition, surfaces and other variables that might be implicated. Ultimately, the project aims to find ways to prevent the injuries.

She’s being paid for part of the summer, while the rest of the time will count toward an internship requirement in her major. She believes the project will give her valuable experience in research and help her make connections in her field.

She’s working under the supervision of her mentor, Dr. Garry Gold, a Stanford School of Medicine radiologist, along with another Stanford School of Medicine physician, Dr. Marc Safran, an orthopedist who has treated several Stanford women’s basketball players.

Looking ahead, she wants to go into nursing. She’s inspired by her mother, who has worked as a nurse in pediatric oncology. If Sara were to pursue a nursing career, she would have to go to school elsewhere because Stanford doesn’t have a nursing program.

As an alternative, she’s considering human performance, which is her area of concentration. This profession would prepare her for work like that done by Susan Borchardt, the team’s assistant sports performance coach, a.k.a. strength and conditioning coach.

In addition to her summer research project, Sara is honing her basketball skills and conditioning. She and her nine teammates who are in summer school have workouts with Susan most weekdays at 6 a.m. and sometimes in the afternoon.

After summer school ends in mid-August, her teammates will leave campus until the new term starts in September, but she’ll stay a while longer to work on her project. Even then, though, she’ll have a packet of individual workout instructions from Susan, as will her teammates.

Her basketball goals this summer have first and foremost included recovering from a foot injury – which she has done. She’s also working on defense, ball handling and shooting in addition to getting more experience playing.

She can work on the latter goal during the afternoon pickup games that she and her teammates have with anyone else who happens to be available. There’s no formal organization, and they don’t run plays. They just play. They’re on their own during the summer because NCAA rules don’t allow the coaches to work with them as individuals or a group during the summer.

Being in summer school has also allowed her and her returning teammates to help out at head coach Tara VanDerveer’s hoops camps. In addition, the returnees can become acquainted with the three incoming freshmen and help them adjust to college life. Playing in the pickup games gives the players a feel for everyone’s individual skills, Sara said, adding that the freshmen are doing well.

Then on weekends there’s time for some fun like going to theme parks or relaxing at the beach. She even hiked Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

She and the others can benefit from the change of pace. “We have a group that works incredibly hard,” she said.