November 10, 2006

Wiggins Is Hungry For A National Championship

By: Lara Boyko,

When 5-foot-11 Stanford guard Candice Wiggins was a little girl, her mom Angela could see her future.

"My mom was probably my biggest advocate for basketball and just knew that I could stand out in the sport," Wiggins said, whose earliest memory of the game is when she only scored one basket during the entire season. "She just knew when I was eight years old that I could be great and accomplish all of this. She told me that I would make a difference in the game and erase all of the bad images of my father (former San Diego Padres second baseman Alan Wiggins). I wasn't really thinking about this at the time, so it is amazing for me to think back on how she knew all of those years ago. It is her encouragement that has made me work harder."

While she worked hard from the encouragement of her mother, Wiggins also decided to not let the hard work get the best of her. (More ...)

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