November 18, 2007

Melanie saves the day!

16 seconds to play...Stanford down by 4... Mel steals the ball and shoots a foot-on-the-line jumper!

10 seconds to play ... Stanford down by 3 ... Mel sinks a 3-pointer ... the first of her college career!!

... then there were Kayla's 5 free throws, which kept us going though the first overtime.

... and all the way through, Jayne's monster game ... 20 rebounds ... 30 points ... 6 blocks ... 44 minutes, the last 15 with 4 fouls. Amazing!!!

The game report from the Deseret Morning News begins:
Before Stanford even got off the bus in Salt Lake City, Cardinal head coach Tara VanDerveer told center Jayne Appel that facing Utah's defense would be tough and that she needed to remain patient.

"I kept that in my mind the whole game, and it helped," said the 6-4 sophomore who led Stanford to an 81-77 double-overtime win against the Utes with 30 points, 20 rebounds and six blocked shots. Appel played the last six minutes of regulation and both overtimes with four fouls.

"I knew I had to stay in the game, especially after Candice (Wiggins) fouled out," she said. "I just thought it's better to give up two points than foul, as crazy as that sounds." (More ... )
Here are the AP game recap and the box score from Stanford Athletics.

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Anonymous said...

You're pretty fast out of the box again, Marian! This game was as thrilling as Rutgers although certainly not expected to be. Michelle had her rooting section who had posters for all team members. Wally Mersereau