January 25, 2008

The Big Game from Cal's point of view

Here are some stories about Saturday's Big Game from Cal's point of view:

Reaching new heights at Cal by Michelle Smith (San Francisco Chronicle)

"We're not happy to just win one game," [Devanei] Hampton said. "We have a lot more we want to accomplish. We have a mission statement on our locker room door and we've all signed it. It's like our blood oath."

Cal aims to knock Cardinal from grace by Andrew Kim (The Daily Californian)

"We want what they have, and we're going to have to go in there and take it from them," [coach Joanne] Boyle said. "They play well when they're up against the wall, and they're going to come out firing. We have to go take it."

With Boyle leading the way, Bears rise up in Bay Area by Graham Hays (ESPN)

Before Joanne Boyle arrived at Cal, the Bears hadn't had a winning record or reached the postseason in 13 years. Now, Cal is ranked eighth, has won nine games in a row and is sitting atop the Pac-10.

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