March 03, 2008

The Pac-10 Tournament

A hoop junkie's dream: Nine games in four days!

You will be there, won't you? It's not too late to get tickets. The Stanford section has been sold out for a long time, but you can still buy tickets from Ticketmaster.

Or you can try to buy tickets from one of the schools whose section is adjacent to Stanford's. Stanford has sections 128, 101 and 102. Arizona (ticket office: 560-621-2287 or 800-452-2287) has section 127 and Washington (ticket office: 206-543-2200) has section 103.

If nine basketball games isn't enough for you, you can also attend some special events sponsored by the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI): The semifinal and championship games on Sunday and Monday will be televised by Fox Sports. The games on Friday and Saturday will be video-streamed. (Don't Click to play yet; it may hang up your browser.)

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