June 07, 2008

Summer basketball at Kezar

Jillian at Kezar last summer

Are you yearning for fast breaks, back door cuts, and drives down the lane?  Take heart -- summer basketball at Kezar starts next week. You may not see that level of play, but you will see fun, competitive, and occasionally very good games. For free!!

The rosters aren't complete yet, but they're only an approximation of reality anyway. So far, our incoming freshmen Grace, Lindy and Sarah are on the rosters. So are Michelle, Markisha and CiCi (Cissy?). And Lindsey Yamasaki with the SF Olympic Club team, a new participant in the SF Pro-Am League.

The season starts Sunday June 15th and continues on Saturday & Sunday afternoons until the Championship game on August 9th. The Stanford summer quarter starts on June 24th, so our players may not show up for the first couple of games.

Here is the schedule and the rosters and a map (The games are played in Kezar Pavilion, which is at 755 Stanyan near Waller, east of the stadium).


Anonymous said...

Today, June 28, both Grace and Lindy played for Bay Pride at Kezar.

Ken Hanson, FBC Member

Marian Cortesi said...

Thanks for the update, Ken.