July 06, 2008

First look at Grace & Lindy

by: Wally Mersereau
photos: Dave Cortesi

Here are my impressions on seeing new Stanford freshmen Grace Mashore and Lindy LaRocque for the first time in a summer Pro-Am game on July 5 at Kezar Pavilion, which they lost 108-85 to a better team led by Alexis Gray-Lawson, Lauren Greif and incoming Cal player Casey Morris.

Grace Mashore showed poise and strong confidence. As a point guard she seemed to have a good view of the floor and was fast and quick with good ball-handling skills, especially her accurate and deceptive passing, which led to four assists. She played well on defense where her quickness resulted in her getting four steals, four rebounds and a block -- not bad for 5'9"! She looked good driving to the basket, which earned her five free throws and three made baskets. Those plus one 3-pointer gave her a total of 15 points. Grace is a scrappy player. She always seemed to be in the middle of whatever was going on.

Lindy LaRocque has a promising quick release and no hesitation in shooting long 3s--most of her 3-point efforts were from well beyond the line. She made three of them, four free throws and a two, for a total of 15 points. She is the same height as Grace at 5' 9", but has a slighter build. She was active on defense and in going for rebounds and was not afraid to mix it up. Lindy's style of play resulted in frequent falls to the floor, reminiscent of Brooke Smith in her earlier days.


Anonymous said...

Since I was able to see Grace and Lindy the previous week, I thought I'd add a couple of things.
Both seem to have good teammate skills (e.g., introducing themselves to new teammates and congratulating them) and both seemed to improve their defense in game #2. Grace also has exhibited a good mid-range jump shot. Ken

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, I'm looking forward to next season!!!