February 28, 2014

Cardinal drubs UDub

The Cardinal wasted no time asserting their superiority tonight. They snagged the tipoff, began with a 13-2 run, extended their lead to as much as 30 and finished 83-60.

At the pregame chalk talk, Tempie said that the Cardinal had a whole different game plan against the Dawgs for tonight's game.

It was clear from the outset that part of the plan was denying the basket to the Dawg's standout scorers, Kelsey Plum and Jazmine Davis. The Cardinal defense held Plum to 2-of-7 field goals and Davis to 1-of-5 in the first half. (Plum was much more successful in the second half and finished with 21 points.)

The offensive plan was (1) get the ball to Chiney and (2) make your shot. Both parts of this succeeded.

Chiney, in spite of often being double- or triple-teamed, made 61% of her shots and scored 32 points — four short of her career high. She also grabbed 11 rebounds, dished three assists, blocked two shots and got one steal.

The Cardinal made 47% of their shots tonight, including nine (of 24) from beyond the arc.

Bonnie started again tonight and was hot beyond the arc. She sank four (of seven) 3-pointers and a layup for a total of 14 points.

Lili appeared to have fully recovered from her sprained ankle. She was in the starting lineup again and played for 29 minutes. She sank three (of six) 3-pointers and a jumper for a total of 11 points. She also had four rebounds and two assists.

Amber was aggressive on offense. She was the fourth double-digit scorer for the Cardinal with ten points, including one trey. She also had five rebounds, four assists and two steals.

Karlie sank the Cardinal's ninth 3-pointer and added five more points on 100% free-throw shooting. She played for only 15 minutes (Tempie said that she's still in pain from her foot injury).

Mikaela played her typical fine game — the game-high 14 rebounds, four points, five assists and a steal.

In other Pac-12 action tonight, Cal beat WSU in overtime and USC beat Utah (the Arizonas and Oregons play on Friday). So, for a day at least, Cal is in second, ASU and OSU are tied for third, USC is fifth, UW and WSU have dropped to a tie for sixth.

Here are game reports and commentary:

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A gallery of photos by Bob Drebin (Stanford Photo),

And photos by Marcio Jose Sanchez (Associated Press):

Mikaela and Chiney deny Talia Walton's shot
Chiney strips the ball from Jazmine Davis
Mikaela denies Kelsey Plum's shot
Lili drives past Jazmine Davis
Chiney lays it up over Talia Walton
Amber finishes her drive to the basket

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