March 02, 2014

Cardinal closes season with win over Cougars

Tara told the team, "If you want to enjoy tonight's senior celebration, take care of business and win the game."

The Cardinal did take care of business and they did win, 84-64, but the victory was not as easy as the score might indicate. It was a fast-paced, exciting game with lots of excellent shooting and strong defense by both the Cardinal and the Cougars.

The Cougars kept it pretty close all through the first half and were behind by just eight at the break. But the Cardinal began the second half with a 10-0 run that definitely took care of business.

The highlight of the game was Chiney's field goal with two minutes left to play. It gave her 37 points — her career-high.

Amber didn't break any records tonight, but she played one of her best games of the season. She made 78% of her shots (most of them on drives to the basket), scored a total or 20 points, grabbed eight rebounds, dished four assists, and turned the ball over just once.

Another highlight was the Cardinal's free throw shooting. They made 18 of 20, with Chiney missing just one of ten and Amber missing just one of seven.

The senior celebrations, both the official ane and the informal one, were splendid. I expect that Judy Richter will tell you all about them in her event report blog, but I do want to share something else that Tara said.

She was explaining what came next — a couple of days rest, then the Pac-12 tournament, then the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament, then, "We'll do our best to be back in Maples for the regional ... No, we will be back in Maples for the regional!"

In other Pac-12 action, OSU beat Arizona and ASU lost to Oregon yesterday, and Cal was upset by Washington tonight. So, as of tonight, Cal is 2nd, OSU is 3rd, ASU is 4th and USC is 5th — each of them one game ahead of the next.

There are two games tomorrow (Sunday) that will resolve the top four — OSU vs ASU (at 1:00 p.m., no TV) and USC vs Colorado (at 11:00 a.m., Pac-12 TV).

If OSU defeats ASU, it's in a tie with Cal for 2nd place, but Cal is still the #2 seed in the tournament because it beat OSU in their single regular-season meeting. If USC beats Colorado, it's in a tie with ASU for 4th place, but ASU is still the #4 seed because it beat USC in their single regular-season meeting.

On the other hand, if ASU defeats OSU, they're tied for 3rd and Cal is 2nd. ASU is the #3 seed, and OSU is #4.

Here are game reports and commentary:

The box score and play-by-play,

Stanford-WSU postgame notes from Stanford Athletics,

A postgame interview of Sara, Mikaela, Toni and Chiney from Pac-12 Networks,

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A gallery of photos by Norbert von der Groeben (Stanford Photo),

And photos by Ben Margot (Associated Press):

Chiney grabs a rebound
Chiney drives around Hana Potter
Alex goes after a loose ball
Lili and Chiney celebrate a good play
I have no idea what's going on here
"But coach, I just ..."


Anonymous said...

Note to Tom Fitzgerald - maybe you should check what you pts in an article, you ave a photo of Lili saying she hit an outside jumper when she didn't score, do you really watch the games?

Marian Cortesi said...

I seriously doubt that Tom FitzgGerald reads this blog. I suggest that you send your questions/comments about an article to the author -- most of the articles I link to include contact information.