April 06, 2014

No regrets

When you've done the very best you can, and more than anyone could reasonably expect, there's no room for regret.

Our thanks and love to those who took us along on a wonderfully interesting journey this season.

To Chiney who looks forward to a joyous future with no tears for what's over — first as a professional basketball player and then to wherever her heart and mind lead her.

To Sara who will bring loving care and smiles to her future patients.

To Toni who will handle whatever life brings her with the grace and strength she showed in her personal disappointment this season.

To Mikaela who will continue the personal growth she found as she travelled from one end of the bench to the other without losing any of her unique goofiness.

To Amber, the quiet leader whose actions spoke loud and clear.

To Lili who awed us with her fiery determination.

To Bonnie who delighted us with her sharp shooting and sparkling smile.

To Jasmine, Taylor, EPayne, Alex, Tess, Bri, Karlie, Kailee, and Bird who contributed to the Cardinal's fabulous team effort in ways that fans can't fully understand or appreciate.

To Tara, Amy, Kate and Tempie who will bring us much joy next season as they take us on another exciting journey.

Here are the game reports:

The box score and play-by-play,

Tara and Chiney speak to fans following Stanford vs. UConn game,

The postgame press conference with Tara, Chiney and Lili.

Stanford postgame quotes,

Connecticut postgame quotes,

A gallery of photos by Nhat V.Meyer (Bay Area News Group)

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Anonymous said...

Why was Amber not in the post game?