December 17, 2014

Another stunning upset by the Mocs

Holy Toledo! What a game!! The Mocs upset the No. 7 seed 54-46!!!

There was plenty for the jubilant fans in McKenzie Roundhouse to cheer about.

The Mocs defense held the Cardinal to 28% shooting from the field.

The Cardinal guards couldn't find their way to the basket. Amber scored on two of six 2-pointer attempts. Lili sank three 3-pointers, but made none of seven 2-point attempts. Briana made none of three attempts. That's a total of two of 16 – 12.5%. Before tonight, their combined total 2-pointers per game was 8.5 of 18 – 46%.

And the Mocs closed off access to the basket without fouling. They're tied with two other teams in the nation for the fewest fouls per game. They committed only six tonight. None of them were against Amber, Lili or Briana.

The Mocs defense (or bad karma, or something) also stymied the Cardinal beyond the arc, where they made just four of 17 attempts. Besides Lili, six other Cardinals launched 3-pointers – only Taylor succeeded in sinking one.

The Mocs offense was as impressive as their defense. Their ball-handling was crisp and confident. They're a good 3-point shooting team with an average of six per game. They outdid themselves tonight, making nine of 24 attempts. Five of them came from freshman guard Chelsea Shumpert, who scored a career-high 18 points.

To end on a bright Cardinal note: E Payne came off the bench for 18 minutes tonight and tallied six points, four rebounds and two steals. All those stats are season highs for Erica.

Here are game reports and commentary:

The box score and play-by-play,

And photos of some nice Cardinal moments by BillyWeeks (Associated Press):

Kaylee shoots against Jasmine Joyner
Briana goes way up for a shot
Bird gets past Jasmine Joyner
Kaylee blocks Keiana Gilbert's shot
Karlie impedes Moses Johnson's drive
Taylor keeps the ball away from Chelsey Shumpert

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Anonymous said...

Good for E Payne. She has such enthusiasm and plays so hard Its great to see her gets some minutes