February 12, 2015

Amber is finalist for Senior CLASS Award

Amber has been named as one of the ten finalists for the 2014-15 Women's Basketball Senior CLASS Award — the award that is presented annually to an NCAA Division I female senior basketball player who has notable achievements in four areas of excellence – classroom, character, community and competition.

This is the one where your vote counts. Fan balloting counts for ⅓ of the total vote — the other ⅔ comes from Division I coaches and national media.

We helped Nneka win the CLASS award in 2012 by giving her 9.6% of the fan vote. Let's do as much for Amber! Show your gratitude for Amber's leadership by helping her win the national recognition she has earned.

You can vote once a day from each device with which you access the internet — your personal computer, your work computer, your IPad, your IPhone. Voting begins today and continues though March 23rd. That's 40 days. Do the math — you can cast at least 40 votes for Amber (or 80, or 120, or ...).

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