March 27, 2015

And so it ends ...

... with a loss to Notre Dame in the Sweet Sixteen.

What a ride it's been! From peak to abyss and back again in what has been one of the most exciting seasons of Stanford Women's basketball ever.

Tara, who has spent 35 seasons perfecting a particular style of offense, did a 180 and taught a team of star-less players how to be winners. Did you ever dream that they:

Would catch the National Champion unawares and beat them in overtime,

Defeat the Pac-12 leader on its home court in its last home game of the season,

Play three win-in-the-last-minute games to take the Pac-12 Tournament championship,

Battle back from halftime deficits to victory in the first two rounds of the NCAAs.

They stepped up. They played with heart and spirit and grit — with love and respect for each other and for the game.

Being a Cardinal fan — THE BEST!

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