June 20, 2015

Report from Kezar

Kezar Pavilion looks a bit brighter than I remember. I think they've re-painted the floor and the bathrooms in the last year or so.

But not much else has changed.

The first game, between Bay City and Mission Rec, was delayed for 15 minutes until enough players had arrived to field two teams.

The frosh were moving into Stanford today, so Shannon and Marta didn't show up for Bay City. Nor did Kish (Bay City) or Kaylee and Brittany (Mission Rec).

SF Women's Pro-Am can't afford an announcer this summer, and the rosters don't include player numbers, so the first game began with ten unidentified players. A very small group of Cardinal fans succeeded in recognizing Mercedes Jefflo (Cal) and DeNesha Stallworth (ex-Cal), but that was about it.

The game was played in four quarters, per the new NCAA rules. Mission Rec won 88-76, as they are wont to do, even without Toni Russell.

Lili and Bri and a goodly number of family members showed up for the second game (Palo Alto TnT vs East Bay)

The players on both teams are from a wide variety of locations — Lili and Bri hadn't met any of their Palo Alto TnT teammates before today. The absence of fine team play at Kezar isn't surprising.

But the individual play, which featured wildly inaccurate shooting, was surprisingly poor. The first basket came at the 6:06 mark and the score at the end of the first quarter was 13-6.

The play was a bit more controlled in the remaining three quarters. There was considerable good defense, but the poor shooting continued and the players essentially defeated themselves.

Although Palo Alto had ten players present, Lili and Bri each played for 39 minutes. According to my probably inaccurate statistics, Bri scored 13 points (including two 3-pointers), grabbed seven rebounds and dished five assists. Lili had 12 points (one 3-pointer), two rebounds and two assists. Palo Alto won 78-62.

Hope to see Shannon, Marta and Kish (Bay City) vs East Bay at 1:30 next Saturday and Tess and Alexa (San Francisco) vs Kaylee and Brittany (Mission Rec) at 3:30.

Lili drives for the basket
Bri lays it up while Jazmine Davis (ex-UW) observes
Lili looks to pass
Bri grabs a rebound
Lili heads for the basket

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Harriet Benson said...

Thanks for the report and great photos. I hope to get to Kezar sometime.