September 10, 2017

Trip to Italy, days 4 & 5

Yesterday, the Cardinal travelled north from Rome to Orvieto, the gorgeous city on a hill, ...

... where they took a brief walking tour:

... then continued on to Florence:

They toured Florence on Sunday and took a bus to Lucca in the evening to play their second basketball game. There are no Cardinal alums on the Lucca team this season, although Jillian Harmon and Kayla Pedersen played there last season and the one before. Jillian came to Lucca to watch the game:

The teams warmed up, listened to each other's national anthem, and exchanged t-shirts before the game:

Lucca beat Stanford 60-58.

Here are the Stanford stats and the game report from Lucca: Lucca wins the Memorial Coast woolen yarn

If I've interpreted Google's inept translation correctly:

Lucca took a big lead (20-10) in the first quarter and kept that margin through the second and third quarters. Stanford began to closely e the gap in the fourth quarter. DiJonai (who was again Stanford's top scorer) tied it up at 55-55 with 1:36 left to play. Then Lucca pulled ahead again to 59-55. Brittany sank a three-pointer and Lucca made a free throw to end the game at 60-58.

By the way, Lucca is a top-notch team. They won the Italian Women's Basketball Series A! league championship last season.

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