January 21, 2018

Cardinal concedes win to Bruins, 53-64

As shown by the low final score, this was a competition of defenses, the Stanford smart defense versus the UCLA press and zone. For most of the game, each team impeded the other about equally. For example, turnovers were Stanford 16, UCLA 14 and rebounds were Stanford 37, UCLA 36.

As it turned out the game was decided in the first four minutes. During that time, Stanford had six possessions: five misses rebounded by UCLA, and a turnover. At that point the Bruins were ahead 10-zip; and that is the lead that they held to the end of the game. A few times, Stanford closed to within six, but they could not erase that opening drought.

As in the prior game, Tara substituted frequently right from the start, so that nine players had significant time on the floor.

Kiana had 14 points and three assists to offset one turnover. She had more success driving to the basket, where she was 4-6, than from long range where she made only 2 of 8.

Marta scored nine points and spent 35 minutes virtually nose to nose with Jordin Canada. She had five assists against four turnovers.

DiJonai had six points and eight rebounds, plus a steal.

Nadia also had six points and eight rebounds.

Alanna and Brittany had frustrating nights, scoring only five points and a few rebounds each.

Maya had four points in 13 minutes of play, and tallied one monster block.

Having split the Los Angeles weekend, Stanford returns home to play the Arizona teams.

Here are game reports and commentary:

The game statistics,

And the video press conference with Tara.

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