March 03, 2018

Pac-12 Tournament: Semifinals

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#1 Oregon 65, #4 UCLA 62

In a dramatic, entertaining contest, the Oregon Ducks pulled out a last-minute win from a determined UCLA Bruin squad.

The first half was a study in contrasting defensive styles: the Ducks were in a loose zone while the Bruins ran an aggressive, climbing, trapping defense.

The Bruins had the best of it early, running up to a 13 point lead, 17-30, early in the second quarter, forcing UO coach Graves to call a time-out. Whatever he said there was effective, because for the rest of the quarter the Ducks went on a 15-4 run, ending the half at 32-34.

UCLA pulled ahead again and were up six, 56-62, at the media timeout of the fourth quarter.

From there, the Ducks finally began to find a defensive rhythm and the Bruins did not score again in the final four minutes.

Oregon got a one-point lead at the one-minute mark; then a UCLA defensive mistake gave them an easy layup for the three-point lead. The Bruins had the final 25 seconds to tie, but could not get off a shot of any type, and the large contingent of Duck fans celebrated.

Here are game reports:

The game highlights video

And the game statistics

##2 Stanford 58, #6 Arizona State 46

Stanford's defense in this game completely dominated the ASU Sun Devils.

The score at the end of the first quarter was 13-3, ASU having had just one field goal and a free-throw. At the half the score was 32-18, and Stanford was hitting 48% to ASU's 25%.

In the end, ASU scored 18 of their 46 points from free throws. That would be entirely too many free throws, Tara likely would say, but the referees were calling a very tight game. The referee crew for the preceding, Oregon-UCLA game, which was a very physical contest with lots of contact, called a total of only 21 fouls. The crew for this game called 18 fouls in the first half alone, and 31 in all, although there was much less visible "physicality", at least as seen from the stands.

The highlight of Stanford's offense was provided by Kiana, who ended with a total of 24 points, having hit a career-high six of seven three-point tries. She hit five straight before her first miss.

Alanna had 13 points, including one three-point shot that fell in on the buzzer at the end of the third quarter.

DiJonai recorded only six points but also a block, two assists, and three steals, and seemed to be everywhere, disrupting everything the Sun Devils tried to do.

Kaylee and Marta had four points each, and Brittany three. Shannon came in with other subs in the fourth quarter and hit a pretty jumper that had the bench up and cheering for her.

Here are game reports:

The game highlights video

The video press conference with Tara, Kiana and Alanna

A gallery of photos by Eric Evans Photography

And the game statistics


The championship game tomorrow is #1 Oregon vs #2 Stanford at 6:00 pm.

There will be a sendoff with the band at 3:45 pm at the team hotel (the Westin Seattle). Click here for a map.

The game will be televised by ESPN2.

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