May 11, 2021



Anna and Alyssa are coming back!! Both are taking advantage of the NCAA's decision to offer seniors an additional year of eligibility, because of the messed up Covid season they just went through. 

If you were listening during the 2020/2021 season, the Stanford coaches and players were continually commenting about how much help, support, and leadership Alyssa Jerome gave the younger players every day. 

After winning the MVP award for the Tournament, the first thing Haley told the interviewer was how Alyssa put her arm around her before the fourth quarter of the championship game and told her, "This is your time. You can be the MVP. Go out there and win it."

Alyssa dispensed so much selfless maturity and wisdom from the first practice in October to the last quarter in San Antonio, it's impossible to overestimate her benefit to the team next season. Our four new freshmen will have our favorite Canadian there like a coach/player/friend who knows the ropes and wants to help you - and you're eighteen and can use a lot of help.

And Anna. Number 3 is quiet and quick - reticent to shoot and she "loves to play defense." And Oh, I left out tough and determined - great handle, almost no turnovers, terrific passer, surprising rebounder, and when she does shoot, she scores. It's impossible to put a value on Anna Wilson. She's invaluable. Add her to any practice and the defensive intensity increases automatically.  

Let the numbers speak. Against UCLA Charlisse Leger-Walker had 28 points, at Oregon State she had 22 points, and against Anna Wilson she had 6. Everywhere Charlisse wanted to go - Number 3 was already there. 

When Anna and Alyssa decided to return for another year, Stanford instantly got tougher, grittier and a whole lot closer. I couldn't be more thrilled and grateful to have these two very different, but equally important additions to our roster next season.




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