February 05, 2010

Honoring the Champions

I am so looking forward to the celebration on Sunday, after the USC game, that will honor the 1989-90 Cardinal team – Stanford's first championship team.

Dana Stewart, long-time Cardinal fan, has written an excellent report of that championship team, based partly on her personal recollections.

To supplement Dana's report, here are some photos and historical documents from that glorious season.

The Cardinal Rules from Sports Illustrated tells the story of the 1989-90 Final Four, all the way from "Tara VanDerveer awoke in a Knoxville, Tenn hotel room while on her first cross-country recruiting trip" to "I couldn't wait to put it on," said VanDerveer of the championship ring."

Trisha Stevens, Jennifer Azzi, Sonja Henning, Katy Steding

Chris MacMurdo, Molly Goodenbour, Trisha Stevens, Val Whiting (behind Stevens), Jennifer Azzi, Admin Asst Carolyn Walker Shaw, Martha Richards

Front row: Jennifer Azzi, Sonja Henning, Stacy Parson, Angela Taylor, Molly Goodenbour. Back row: Asst Coach Renee Brown, Tara VanDerveer, Katy Steding, Julie Zeilstra, Trisha Stevens, Val Whiting, Martha Richards, Amy Tucker, Chris MacMurdo, Asst Coach Julie Plank, Grad Asst Leslie Crandell

A month later the 1990 NCAA Championship team traveled to the White House to meet president George Bush. President Bush delivered a gracious speech on that occasion that honored all the participants.


Anonymous said...

One thing though, why would they do something like this on the same day as the Superbowl, when a lot of people will probably leave to watch the game which starts at 3ish.

Anonymous said...

Not me. I will just record and replay since it only takes 17 minutes to play a football game. How could any true fan of women's basketball not stay after the game to watch this? THIS is historic!!

Cyd Crampton

Anonymous said...

Ya well so was the Superbowl, more historic than this.

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, TV has the most say in this scheduling. The gm was originally planned for Saturday. They do this every year--putting WBB on right up to the Super Bowl.