February 01, 2007

Getting back in her game

By: Scott Bland, The Stanford Daily

... The performance should come as no surprise to anyone who follows Stanford women’s basketball, even though Wiggins has been hindered by injuries this season. Head coach Tara VanDerveer said that her star is just starting to get back to full strength.

“I think that was the Candice we’ve seen for two years at Stanford,” VanDerveer said of Wiggins’s performance against Arizona State. “I can’t say that we’ve really seen that [this year] to the degree that we saw it last weekend.”

A tweak to Wiggins’ hamstring and a sprained right ankle recently conspired to keep Wiggins out of a few games and out of form in a few more. For the first part of January, her first step and mobility were not at the lightning-quick level that Stanford has become accustomed to seeing, and Wiggins’s rhythm and shooting suffered as well.

Things are finally starting to look more promising.

“I’m at about 95 percent right now,” Wiggins said. (More ...)

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