February 13, 2007

Stanford women limp on their way to March

By: Ann Killion, The Mercury News

Tara VanDerveer might want to stick a roll of duct tape in her suitcase when she heads to Oregon later this week. Because, all of a sudden, her team is falling apart.

And the timing is treacherous for a team with serious Final Four aspirations.

Candice Wiggins -- just the best player Stanford has ever had, which is saying an awful lot -- went down with an ankle injury Saturday and will miss this week's games and perhaps more. That blow came two weeks after JJ Hones' season ended because of a knee injury. Stanford is suddenly without experience handling the ball.

``We need some caterpillars to turn into butterflies,'' VanDerveer said Monday. ``But we have a good month left in our season to really get better.'' (More ...)

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