April 06, 2008

The stars come out tonight

The stars come out tonight in Final Four by Amy Moritz (Buffalo News)

Ready for Center Stage by Joey Johnston (Tampa Tribune)

What About LSU And Stanford? by Martin Fennelly (Tampa Tribune)

Stanford Has Youth on Its Side by Katherine Smith (Tampa Tribune)

Stanford's surge has come on mended knees by Elliott Almond (Mercury News)

The matchup: Stanford vs.Connecticut by Elliott Almond (Mercury News)

Clearly a red-letter day for Stanford players, fans in Tampa by David Mitchell (SF Chronicle) -- includes a photo gallery

Stanford’s Wiggins worthy of national honor by Mechelle Voepel (Kansas City Star)

Candice Wiggins Wade Trophy & Women's Final 4 Preview, a video from ESPN (Thanks to "Checker" for finding this. )

Slide show of Wade Trophy presentation from Stanford Photo

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Anonymous said...

Candice Wiggins Video profile from ESPN:

Womens Semi-final Recap ESPN:

i also recorded the In studio interview with Wiggins and Coach(after match), but for some wierd reason, the audio was out.