July 28, 2015

Lauren Greif says, " Goodbye"

Dear Stanford Women’s Basketball Fans,

Hello from Lauren Greif. Many of you know me as the transfer from Cal who Tara describes as doing “all things video”. It is with excitement and some sadness that I write this “Goodbye” letter today. I have accepted a position at FastModel Sports and will be moving to Chicago! My new title is Senior Product Support, Training, & Development.

It has been an incredible experience to be part of Stanford’s program for the past 5 seasons and I would like to sincerely thank you for your kindness and continued support. The number of fans who have approached me over the years with nice words about my playing days or to thank me for my work here on the Farm has been tremendous. It has meant a lot to be welcomed with open arms, and I would like to say -THANK YOU.

So, while I won’t be filming games from the top of Maples, I will remain a fan of Stanford…. And Cal too Also, I don’t know much about Chicago so if you know somewhere I should eat or watch a show, or a great neighborhood to live in, drop me a line. My email is laurentgreif@gmail.com.

All the best, Lauren

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Unknown said...

Best of luck in the windy city, Loren. We'll miss you. Jim Mardock