July 07, 2015

Team USA finishes 3-0 in group play

Team USA lost no time in taking control of its game against the Czech Republic. The squad made 93% of its shots in the first quarter and established a 30-15 lead en route to a final 92-54 victory.

Erica had another fine game: 15 points, eight rebounds and three blocks.

Here are the USA cumulative team stats for the three group play games.

Erica and Aerial Powers were the top scorers (16.3 ppg). Erica had the second-most rebounds (9.7 rpg). She led the team in blocks (2 bpg), field goal percentage (0.655) and free throw percentage (0.733).

Next up: Team USA vs Hungary in the quarterfinal round on Thursday, July 9 at 4:30 am PT.

Note: The time of the USA/Hungary quarterfinal game has been changed. The WUG schedule and the USABB schedule both show equivalent of 4:30 am Pacific Time. The USABB schedule notes that it will be televised on ESPNU, and the ESPN viewing schedule agrees.


Anonymous said...

From ESPN: 7/09 5:00AM EDT World University Games:
Women's Basketball (Quarterfinal) ESPNU Is this USA?

Marian Cortesi said...

The date/time is right for the women's USA vs Hungary quarter-final, so my guess in "Yes", although:
- USA BB website stated earlier that the women's quarterfinal would not be televised and has not said otherwise since.
- My DirecTV online guide says it's a men's USA vs Switzerland WUG.
Anyway, I'm going to record it and hope for the best.
Thanks for the tip.

Marian Cortesi said...

The time of the USA/Hungary quarterfinal game has been changed to 4:30 am Pacific Time. ESPN schedule does not show it's being televised.