June 25, 2016

Kezar summer basketball tips off

No worries if you didn't make it to Kezar for the first game of the summer.

The only Cardinal presesence was a handful of optimistic fans. We knew Bird and Nadia weren't coming today, but Markisha, Marta and Shannon didn't show up either.

The first game was primarily a run-and-shoot exhibition. San Francisco connected far more often than Palo Alto TnT and won 103-67.

The second game between Bay City and Mission Rec Center looked more promising with some good team play as well as good shooting, and the score was close at the end of the first quarter. The game was due to slow down eventually, since each team had only five players, and we gave up waiting for Marta & Shannon at that point and went home.

Next week, Mission Rec is scheduled to play San Francisco (Markisha) at 1:30, Bay City (Shannon & Marta) vs Palo Alto TnT (Bird & Nadia) at 3:30.

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