June 21, 2016

Summer basketball at Kezar begins next Saturday

It's time for summer basketball again.

The San Francisco Bay Area Pro-Am Summer Basketball League begins its 37th season next Saturday (June 25) at 1:30 and 3:30pm. Play continues on the following six Saturdays through the first week of August, with one exception — the fifth pair of games is on Sunday, July 24 instead of Saturday. League play ends with the championship game on Sunday, August 7 at 2:30pm.

There are only four teams in the league this season, so there are no byes.

Sad to say, none of our incoming freshmen have signed up, but Marta and Shannon will be playing for Bay City, Bri Roberson for Palo Alto TnT, and alumna Markisha Coleman for San Francisco.

Don't know where Kezar Pavilion is? Here's the map and the SF Pro-Am website with the full schedule and all the rosters.

The website warns strongly that parking is a big problem, but it won't be any worse than in previous seasons. The parking lot next to Kezar, although a bit pricey, always has space unless there's a big event in Kezar Stadium. The July schedule isn't published yet. When it is, I'll report any potential parking problems.

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