November 12, 2010

More previews and opinions

ESPN has announced their preseason All-Americans. Included on the first team are:

  • Nneka — Graham Hays says, "She's quicker than you, stronger than you, can jump higher than you and has a midrange shot. Oh, and she's smarter than you, too. Good luck."
  • Kayla — Charlie Creme says, "Her versatility might be second only to Moore's, and that makes her Stanford's most important player."
Jake Curtis, like many of us, wonders Who will be Stanford's fifth starter for Sunday's opener against Rutgers women?

Tara hadn't decided yet yesterday. All she knew was that she didn't want a Deli Rotation. “You know, everybody just picks a number and whoever is next in line goes in,” she said.

Jake considers the various combinations that may result from having Toni or Sara or Joslyn be the fifth starter on Sunday and the complications beyond those choices as the season progresses.

Nate Adams [The Stanford Daily] writes Hopes high as Card begins hunt for title

After 10 straight regular season Pac-10 titles and three consecutive Final Four appearances, the expectations for this year’s Cardinal women couldn’t be much higher ... Tara is hopeful that her team will play strong and win over new and old fans alike this season. She says, "We want people to come and see our team and say, ‘Wow, they’re a special team.’”

Dishin [Dishin and Swishin] asks, Who Will Cut 'Em Down in April?

He predicts Stanford, because, "It's time. Coach Tara VanDerveer's team is loaded with talent once again ... And this will be the year the Cardinal get it done."

Richard Dietsch [Sports Illustrated] puts Baylor at #1 in his Women's Power Rankings

Stanford is at #2. Although the best frontcourt in America calls Palo Alto home ... the backcourt will determine if Stanford will be a champion.

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