November 07, 2010

Rule changes for 2010-11

Not OK – not even in the NBA.

The NCAA Women’s Basketball Rules Committees has voted to change the penalty for elbow contact above the shoulders for the 2010-11 season.

When a swinging/moving elbow makes non-incidental contact above the shoulders, a minimum of an intentional personal foul must be assessed. If the swinging of the elbows is excessive, a flagrant foul will be assessed and the player who threw the elbow will be ejected.

The committee also approved an experimental rule: During exhibition games, the current men’s three‐point line of 20 feet, 9 inches, will be used as the three‐point field goal distance. (This change appeared to have no negative effect in the Stanford-Vanguard game on Saturday when 12 players hit a total of 40 three-pointers.)

Points of emphasis in 2010-11 will be:

  • Contact on and by the ball handler/dribbler
  • Traveling, specifically the spin move and the shooter's hop
  • Player/bench behavior
The committee will seriously consider at next year’s meeting:
  • Adding a 10‐second backcourt rule
  • Moving the women’s three‐point line distance to 20 feet, 9 inches.
Read more in the Rules Committee Report and this detailed explanation of the points of emphasis

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Anonymous said...

The Brittany Griner emphasis:

2) Non-incidental dead-ball contact with/on an opponent. (NOTE: Contact that occurs after
a whistle has blown, that is not incidental and cannot be ignored, by rule, must be
penalized with a technical foul.)

Cyd Crampton