January 30, 2017

Bracketology: Pac-12 shuffled

In this week's bracketology, Charlie Creme discusses how a weakening league hurts a member team: Will another down year in the Big Ten continue to hurt the Terps?

In regard to the Pac-12, he says:

Largely due to results in the Pac-12, there was some shuffling in this week's bracket among the top-16 teams laid out by the committee. Stanford's staggering comeback on the road at Washington elevated the Cardinal a couple of spots to No. 10 overall in this week's evaluation; the Huskies fell two spots to No. 8. That meant shuffling in regional placement. Most notably, Washington lands in Bridgeport teamed with No. 1 overall seed UConn.

Arizona State drops out of the top 16 after three consecutive losses; DePaul replaces the Sun Devils as a host. That last spot seems like the one wide-open slot, but the Sun Devils will have to turn it around quickly to get back in the picture. That won't be easy with the Oregon schools headed to Tempe, Arizona, this weekend.

No Pac-12 team got shuffled out of the bracket -- there are still six:
Bridgeport Region
2 Washington (no change)
Oklahoma City Region
2 Oregon State (no change)
8 Oregon (up from 9)
Lexington Region
3 Stanford (no change)
Stockton Region
4 UCLA (no change)
6 Arizona State (down from 4)
Here's the complete bracket:

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