January 18, 2017

Tara's 1000th win is in sight

The Cardinal's next two games are at home vs the Arizonas, then a pair in Washington, then four at home vs SoCal and the Mountain teams.

With just five wins to go, Tara is certain (barring a disaster) to notch the 1000th win of her career at home in Maples Pavilion.

The earliest it could happen is on Friday February 3rd.

If the stars align, Stanford will have lost to Washington and the 1000th win will come on Monday February 6th when the game is on national television (ESPN2).

If the Cardinal has a streak of bad luck, it will be on Friday February 10th or Sunday February 12th.

I dare say that Tara would just as soon have her achievement pass unremarked, but her fans and all who love women's basketball will rejoice for her.

It will be a grand celebration
Plan to be there!

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