February 19, 2008

Another record setter

Last week, in the game against Arizona, Jayne broke the Stanford single season record for blocked shots -- her own record of 61 that she had set as a freshman last year. She has averaged 2.3 blocks per game this season -- #1 in the Pac-10, #27 in the nation.

The Cardinal will play at least four more games this season. They may play 12 more. If the Cardinal goes all the way and Jayne continues the season at her current pace, she will have 90 blocks.

Other blocked shot records are in sight:
  • 201: The Stanford career record, held by Val Whiting, 1989-1993
  • 119: The Pac-10 single season record, held by Stefanie Kasperski, Oregon, 1988
  • 402: The Pac-10 career record, held by Stefanie Kasperski, Oregon, 1987-1990
Blocking is not Jayne's only skill:
  • Her field goal percentage is .574. That's #1 in the Pac-10 and #12 in the nation.
  • Her rebounding average is 9.0 per game. That's #2 in the Pac-10 and #49 in the nation.
  • She also averages 2.6 assists per game, outstanding for a post player. To put this in perspective, the rates for some other centers are Courtney Paris (1.6), Crystal Langhorne (1.3), Kia Vaughn (0.9), Sylvia Fowles (0.6).
So far in her career, Jayne has zero 3-point shots. This may change if she wins her bet with Tara. She may set a new record: Most 3-pointers by a center.

Jayne's outstanding performances against Arizona and Arizona State last week earned her the Pac-10 Player of the Week award, the third of her career.

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