February 23, 2008

More Big Game Hype

Hype is right for Cal-Stanford women's battle

by Michelle Smith (San Francisco Chronicle)

"It's going to be one of the best games in Pac-10 history."

It's a legitimate dose of hype. The No. 7 Cardinal and the No. 8 Bears - two teams which have won 47 games between them so far - meet in the 16th game of the regular season with one game separating them in the conference standings.

A title could be won, a balance of power might be shifted. And it will happen in front of a national television audience and possibly one of the biggest crowds ever to watch a women's basketball game in the Bay Area.

Cal can state its case vs. Stanford

by Jennifer Starks (InsideBayArea)

Cal has a huge opportunity to show that tag [elite] does in fact apply with today's landmark game against No.7 Stanford at HaasPavilion. More than that, the No.8 Bears have a chance to tighten their grip on first place in the Pac-10 and cement themselves in the driver's seat for the conference title, something that has forever eluded them.

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Anonymous said...

We're proud of our Cardinal ladies showing off what has become a dominating defense this season. Congratulations! We've been looking for comments about this, but have yet to see it mentioned ... how does C*l "earn" a top-ten ranking with no wins over top ten (top 20, either ...) teams? By default? Gee that's something to hang your hat on! "Elite" team? Think again. Go Card!