February 23, 2008

Excitement at Haas

Just got back from the game. It was so exciting to:
  • See JJ break her career record again with a game-high 16 points, including four of six 3-pointers! (Correction: This was not JJ's career high -- she scored 20 against Santa Clara -- but it sure was pretty!)
  • Watch Jayne come out of hibernation in the second half, as Tara put it, and score 12 points to match JJ's high of 16!
  • See Candice snatch the ball out of Devanei Hampton's upraised hands and score an uncontested layup to give Stanford the lead with a couple of minutes to go!
  • Watch Cal miss a golden opportunity three times after JJ, Kayla and Ros took turns missing a one-and-one in the last 37 seconds!!!
  • Be one of 10,525 people watching a women's Pac-10 basketball game!
I'm sure there will be many game reports tomorrow, but for now here are the AP game recap, photo gallery and the box score from Stanford Athletics.

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