February 08, 2008

Cardinal roll over Ducks

There is a group of about 90 Stanford alumni in Eugene, Oregon. Those that are women's basketball fans welcomed the visiting Cardinal fans with a pizza party before the game.

After that, we walked next door to historic Mac Court, where we found Haagen-Daaz ice cream bars for just $3.50, the best mascot in the Pac-10, a good many very supportive fans and a young team that was no match for the Cardinal.

There were some unusual statistics in Oregon at 7:45 pm last night;
  • In Eugene, the score was Candice 15, Kayla 13, Oregon 12.
  • In Corvallis, the Oregon State Beavers had 13 points and 11 turnovers; Cal had 11 points and 12 turnovers. (But Cal pulled themselves together in the second half and won 56-45.)
Here are the reports of the Cardinal/Duck game:

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