November 19, 2012

Cardinal tethers the Skyhawks

Stanford defeated Tennessee-Martin 92-67 in a fast-paced, high-scoring game.

The Skyhawks' sharp-shooting duo, junior guards Heather Butler and Jasmine Newsome, lived up to their reputations. They were slowed down just a bit by dogged Cardinal defense (particularly by Amber and Toni), but still scored a total of 37 points, a little below their season average of 43.

The two teams traded a slim lead for the first 12 minutes of the game. Then Stanford went on a 14-2 run and led by ten points at the end of the half. They returned from the break (possibly with some crisp advice from Tara) and increased their lead throughout the second half.

Tara used an eight-player rotation for most of the game, plus a few minutes from Sara, Erica and Tess. Three Cardinal had outstanding performances.

Chiney had her second double-double of the tournament and her third of the season with 25 points and 10 rebounds. She also blocked a shot and stole the ball once, then took it to the basket on a fast break layup.

Jos also scored 25 points — a career high for her. She also had six rebounds, three assists, a block and a steal and made all six of her free throws. Jos is the best of "nice girls from Stanford". As she took an assist under the basket, a defending Skyhawk spun past her and fell at her feet. Jos glanced down, as if to be sure she was all right, before laying the ball up into the basket.

Amber was an exemplary leader on the floor tonight. She dished out ten assists with just two turnovers, giving her an assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.55 for the season. She also scored 12 points for her first career double-double, stole the ball twice and blocked a shot.

As a team, the Cardinal shot the ball considerably better than yesterday (against Hawai'i). They made four of ten three-pointers (two by Bonnie, one each by Jos and Taylor) and made 56.9% of their field goal attempts. They were also very good at the free throw line. With the exception of a freshman who's not doing well there yet, they made 13 of 15 tonight — that's a very nice 87%.

The All-Tournament team, "as selected by the media," ("What media?" snickered some Cardinal fans) was announced after the game: Joslyn, Brittney Griner and Jordan Madden from Baylor, Jasmine Newsome from Tennessee-Martin and Kamilah Martin from Hawai'i. Stanford won the tournament with its three wins and no losses. Chiney was the MVP.

Here are game reports and commentary:

The box score and play-by-play,

A gallery of photos by Dave Cortesi,

And photos by Marco Garcia (Associated Press):

Toni tries to stop a speeding Skyhawk
Chiney looks for the basket
Tara shows her approval of good play
Chiney & Jos celebrate their tournament awards
The team celebrates winning the tournament

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